For the past 20 years, Steve Elzer served as the chief spokesman in charge of motion picture communications for two of Hollywood's most prominent studios: Sony Pictures and New Line Cinema. He helped guide those legendary studios and their management teams through the launch of more than 300 motion pictures. Elzer has handled communications challenges including executive transitions, reputation management issues, production and transaction oriented PR, and media support. He also helped manage the studio's resonse during high profile legal cases. We pledge to provide our clients with experienced, proactive and protective PR counsel that supports their business goals and career objectives. 


Elzer & Associates offers our clients a broad range of communications services targeted and tailored to match their needs today, tomorrow and well into the future.  We help groom brands, build businesses and assist our clients as they grow and maintain their profile in the community. We represent entertainment industry executives, production companies, creative artists, storytellers, and affiliated businesses in the production, distribution or marketing arenas. We also represent ancillary businesses that cater to entertainment companies and are a critical part of the industry eco-system.

Elzer & Associates is a boutique public relations firm specializing in strategic communications and media relations for the entertainment community. We work with discerning clients who demand a responsive, collaborative and experienced PR team that fully understands how to influence, impact and harness the power of the 24/7 news cycle while also managing its unpredictability.